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Tamarind Optical is your trusted Cape Breton Optometrist for Eye Care and vision center leader in Sydney and Glace Bay, Nova Scotia! Call for an appointment 902-564-5332 in Sydney River and 902-842-3333 in Glace Bay!

Tamarind Optical Services in Cape Breton is here to help you and your family with an eye exam, ordering beautiful new eye glass frames, laser surgery, or anything else like scheduling an appointment for children's glasses.

Most folks that come into Tamarind Optical Services in Cape Breton are looking for just the right style of glasses for themselves or a family member.

Cape Breton Optometrists - Transform Your Look

Thereโ€™s no other piece of wardrobe accessory that will reinvent your look like a modern pair of eye glasses. What seems to be trendy these days are slimmed-down metal frames, stylish aviator glasses, and geometric shaped eyewear that will no doubt transform your look.

Cape Breton Optometrists - Trendy Eye Glasses and Frames for Women
Trendy Eye Glasses and Frames for Women
Cape Breton Optometrists - Trendy Eye Glasses and Frames for Men
Trendy Eye Glasses and Frames for Men

Latest Popular Eyewear Trends

What are the latest and most popular eye wear trends in 2021? There is so many frame styles to choose from like simple lightweight frames to the all new bold and sophisticated look for Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter!

There is no better personal accessory if you are looking for a new look than a trendy pair of eye glass frames for you or your children.ย Eye glasses are now very popular amongst the working class as well as with young people and millennials alike.

Whether you need prescription glasses or just a new set of frames as a fashion statement, a trendy eye-catching pair of specs and colorful frames can give you that new look you may have been looking for.

Statement Glasses Setting the Trends

Statement glasses this year will be all about oversize, colors, embellishments and accents, as reported by many Cape Breton Optometrists, in particular Tamarind Optical!

Also, there is a trend in 2020 moving into 2021 back to the original aviator eyeglasses that everyone loves. They are not the same aviator glasses that your mom or dad used to wear back in the day. They are very unique and feature very fashionable modern colors and shapes that seem to have repurposed that 70's look.

Other popular eyeglasses such as hipster eye glasses are now becoming trendy with unique designs, square silhouettes that fit perfectly for the business crowd.

So no matter what type of fashion statement or look you are after, Tamarind Eye Care Services in Cape Breton look forward to matching you up with a new pair of stylish looking glasses. You can come in at any time to try out different pairs of glasses and frames at any of our locations in Sydney or Glace Bay.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, just give your Cape Breton Optometrists a call beforehand to set up an appointment, and one or our optometrists will meet you at the door - 902-564-5332 in Sydney River and 902-842-3333 in Glace Bay

Here are few types of frames that are new setting the trend in Cape Breton:

  • Stylish Clear Eyeglasses
  • Retro Flat Top Aviator Glasses
  • Perfectly Round Glasses
  • Thick Rimmed Geometric Frames
  • Bright and Translucent Glasses
  • Vintage Large Round Glasses
  • Tortoiseshell Glasses
  • Hipster Black Glasses
  • 70s Style Oversized Square Glasses
  • Lightweight Thin Gold Rimmed Glasses
  • Fashion Cat Eye Glasses

Are your glasses dull and clumsy? Are you tired of the same old look?

If so then maybe it's time to treat yourself to a new pair of modern specs with frames that make a clear fashion statement. Don't forget to to ask about getting bifocals, progressive glasses, and maybe just another pair of different colored frames to complement your different outfits that day.

If you are looking for the newest glasses, prescription sunglasses, or high end trendy frames, contact Tamarind Optical Services in Cape Breton - 902-564-5332 in Sydney River and 902-842-3333 in Glace Bay.