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Prescription safety glasses and goggles are no doubt a must for most workers on the job! There are a lot of people with jobs around industrial environments that wear prescription glasses. Obviously they are unsafe unless you protect them from the hazards of the job, like upgrading the prescription to the best safety eyewear or goggles.

Whether your job requires protection against falling objects, chemicals, lasers, wind, rocks, dust, or radiation, safety glasses are the answer to be fully protected to protect from hazardous conditions while working.

Tamarind Optical offers high-quality prescription safety glasses, bifocal safety glasses, polarized safety glasses, anti-fog safety glasses, and other types of progressive and prescription sunglasses for your activity or work, whatever the case may be.

Protective Eyewear - Safety First on the Job!

You only have one pair of eyes, so during your life there will be many challenging situations where you wished you would of had protective eyeware.  Taking care of your eyes should of great importance whether on the construction job, riding a motorcycle, or any other outdoor activity.

It is especially important that you wear safety glasses if you work in an industry that has the potential to harm your eyes. Workplace eye injuries in Canada are remarkably on the rise. It now seems that roughly 700 Canadian workers on the job are injured each day no matter what industry they work in. You have a 80% better chances of protecting your eyes if you wear protective prescription safety glasses.

Do not go on the job if you have blurry vision, cataracts, or improper eyewear that doesn't allow you to see at 100% capacity. Always ensure that you have the right pair of prescription glasses and safety eyewear nearby.

It is easy to take the eyes for granted year after year. If your activity or job requires that you must do detailed work when working long hours each day, you may get an ocular migraine, resulting in you blinking your eyes and possibly causing eye issues that require special eye drops and eventually stronger prescriptions.

So to prevent any eye issues such as this, simple wear the correct eyewear, take appropriate breaks, be careful not to strain your eyes by having the proper light available at all times, and never wear safety glasses over regular glasses. This is never recommended! Always wear one pair of proper fitting eyeglasses or safety glasses and get regular eye exams.

Make regular appointments with your optometrist so that you will always have the correct eyeglass prescription whether they are for regular eyeglasses or prescription safety glasses.  Your eye doctor will be able to quickly change your prescription and have you quickly with a new pair of safety eyewear.

Proper Maintenance for Prescription Safety Glasses


People need to check their prescription safety glass lenses on a regular basis to make sure their vision remains protected at all times. Issues with dirty lenses, cracks and scratches can reduce vision while on the job, making the situation more dangerous for the wearer of the safety glasses or goggles.

While working hard on the job, safety glasses with headbands can get sweaty, potentially putting the worker in harms way if the safety glasses slip off or get worn out. Always check the headband day after day as it may lose its elasticity, break and then potentially cause them to slip off your head or helmet.

So to start off your day on the job, dust off any debris and dirt found on the lens with a dry soft cloth, recommended usually by your optometrist. Wearers of safety glasses can then rinse the prescription safety eyewear in water or use a provided cleaning solution made especially to clean the lenses. Some motorcyclists wear prescription safety glasses while riding, so they will require a special cleaning solution to keep them clean and protected.

After washing safety glasses in water, always dry them with a microfiber cloth that removes, dust, dirt, streaks and marks left from the cleaning solution itself.

Protective Safety Glasses Case

After wearing the prescription safety eyewear, always put them in the case that they came with. Never lay them on a work bench or throw them on a table to possibly get damaged or lost. It will protect the safety goggles from getting scratched while you are not wearing them. Some safety glasses come with a microfiber cloth or pouch that comes inside the case. This is convenient as you can clean your glasses and them put them in the case for safe storage until the next time you have to wear them.

Most wearers of safety glasses and goggles will establish a cleaning routine day after day, on the job or any other activity, that they will eventually get used to.

Schedule an Eye Exam - Get Your Eyeglasses Prescription

If you  can't see as well as you used to, if you have to squint on the job when wearing safety glasses, it may be time to have your eyes tested!

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