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Children eye care services are more important than every in Cape Breton as the number of kids playing and doing school work on screens.  Children's eye care is usually conducted by your eye doctor or primary care physician, is basically a diagnostic process that does not replace a comprehensive eye exam. The purpose of vision screenings in children are to get their eyes tested at an early age for a variety of issues including nearsightedness or some other issue that needs early diagnosis and correction.

When a baby is born, the newborn’s vision is mostly blurry at first, but then gradually develops and is clearer over the coming weeks after birth. So by the time the baby becomes a teenager their eyes will become fully developed and should be protected through eye screenings, exams and tests to ensure they remain healthy.

At first your child's eyes may be tested by a pediatrician, a family physician, or a properly trained and experienced optometrist. Some screenings for school aged children may be offered at schools, community health centers or at a variety of community events.

When a child reaches the age of 5 they parents should start getting their eyes screened for visual acuity and alignment. So it is at this age that nearsightedness (myopia) usually begins and is usually the most common problem at this age level. Don't fret, it is corrected most times through the use of eyeglasses. An optometrist will examine any children 5 or older with misaligned eyes or signs of any other eye problems that may exists.

Glasses and Contact Lenses for Children

Believe it or not, many kids and teens are nearsighted, farsighted, or have an astigmatism. These problems are usually corrected with eyeglasses or contact lenses. Kids and teens who wear glasses or contacts should have yearly checkups with an eye doctor to watch for any vision changes.

Contact lenses may be a good choice for some older kids and teens, such as those who play sports or feel uncomfortable wearing glasses. Many vision problems that are found early can be corrected.

You should call a local pediatrician, family doctor, or eye doctor if you notice that there is something different about your child's eyes:

  • The eyes are often red

  • The eyes look different that they usually do

  • The eyes make tears more than usual

  • The eyes  don’t line up or move together

  • The eyes  look crossed (after 6 months of age)

  • The eyes  have pupils (centers) that are different sizes, are an unusual color, or have changed color

Tamarind Optical, Children eye care specialists in Sydney and Glace Bay, carry glasses for children and are comfortable and look great. Tamarind has a wide variety of custom eye glasses for kids in many colours and styles that your child may choose from.

They may be more happy to wear their glasses each and every day when glasses look and fit great. Always show them how to use both hands to remove the glasses correctly so they don't break after time. Teach them where to put them at bed time and just how to take them off in the right way with the lens-side up.

Many eye glass coatings have specific cleaning instructions and if you ask your eye doctor, he may give you a free eye glass case for your kids new eyeglasses.

Eye Glass Styles For Children

If the eye glass prescription for your children calls for strong lenses that are likely to be thick, avoid large frames that will increase the thickness of the lenses.  It will make them look and feel too big. Also, smaller lenses tend to have fewer scratches near the edge of the lens than the larger glass lenses.

Most kids are usually self-conscious when wearing glasses for the first time so try to pick glasses and frames that have a modern, attractive style, not any old clunky style, that they may take off and never wear again. There are custom features like photochromic lenses that darken automatically when it is sunny out, so this may help inspire your child to want to wear glasses all the time.

Children's frames are made of either plastic or metal and many have styles that intentionally mimic unisex eyeglass frames designed for adults. Kids often are attracted to these styles because they look more grown-up. It's not unusual for kids to choose glasses that look like those worn by their older siblings or their parents.

Schedule an Eye Exam For Your Child Today

You should schedule an eye exam for your child today because as a parent you have a responsibility to make sure your children's eyes are developing naturally. Most small children may not be able to effectively communicate that something is wrong, or may not notice that their vision isn’t working as it should. To help safeguard your child’s vision and eye health, make sure they have their eyes examined regularly.

Tamarind Optical Services in Sydney and Glace Bay, offer a wide range of eye-related services including Eye Exams,  Eye Screenings, Eye Treatment, Contact Lens Service, Prescription Glasses, and Prescription Sunglasses for seniors, men, women, youth, and children.

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