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Contact Lenses Service Tamarind Optical

Contact Lenses - Clear and Comfortable Vision, No Glasses - Tamarind Optical!

Contact lenses have been around for years and can provide you and your family with clear, comfortable vision without the need to wear glasses. Contact Lenses are perfect for sports, biking, camping, running, and basically anything done outdoors, mostly because they don't fog up on the colder days.

Is it time to make the switch from eye glasses to contact lens?

Thousands of Cape Bretoners and Canadians alike find that "contacts" are a perfect solution rather than wearing glasses. Eye glasses then to change your appearance somewhat where contact lenses are discreet and basically invisible on your face once they are inserted. Several varieties of contact lens are usually more affordable, comfortable, and suitable for a wide variety of eye prescriptions.

The optometrists at Tamarind Optical Clinic in Cape Breton can offer an eye exam, and then contacts if you need glasses. Tamarind Optical uses the latest technology in diagnostic equipment in order to provide contact lenses that fit great and feel comfortable.

The health of your eyes is important to this Island Eye Care business and we take great care to make sure your exam is done correctly for each patient so that the contacts fit each uniquely shaped face. The expert optometrists in Sydney and Glace Bay are trained in issuing proper contact lens for you and your family so that your lifestyle becomes more manageable.

Soft Contact Lens

Soft contact lenses offer great comfort and very rarely fall out if they are measured correctly. This type of contact lens are disposable and pretty easy to care for.

Monthly & Biweekly Disposable Contact Lenses - The monthly & biweekly disposable contact lenses are suitable for people who wish to wear  contact lenses on a regular basis. The disposable contact lenses are high oxygen permeability and you can even wear them at night. They come with a solution to clean them as well as a contact lens case.

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses - This type of contact lenses are usually suitable for periodic wear for individual and children with dry eye problems.  Daily disposable contact lenses are generally recommended for individuals who want to wear their contact lenses in water to swim or shower, or those who may have environmental or seasonal allergies. They come with a case.

Hard Contact Lenses

Hare contact lenses are Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) and are suitable for those people with corneal irregularities or higher prescriptions. They are not as comfortable as the soft contact lenses, but last much longer, often up to two years at least.

Orthokeratology Contact Lenses - This type of contact lenses is specially designed to reshape the eye overnight and allow for clear, comfortable daytime vision. They are safe for adults or children and are an alternative to refractive surgery.

Taking Care of Your Contact Lenses

  • Taking care of your contact lenses means washing your hands everyday with soap and water, drying the contact lenses well with a clean cloth before touching the contact lenses.You should not sleep with your contact lenses in unless your eye doctor has prescribed them to be used in this fashion.You should always keep water away from the contact lenses and especially avoid showering with the contact lenses in. Always remove the contact lenses before wearing when you swim or in a hot tub or sauna, basically any wet or humid environment.

  • The rule of thumb when cleaning your contact lenses is to rub and then rinse your contact lenses with disinfecting solution, never water or saliva. Don't store the contact lenses in water. If you suspect something wrong with the contact lenses after cleaning them, consult with your doctor. Replace the contact lenses whenever necessary.

Finding the Right Contact Lens

The process of finding the right contact lens starts when you book an eye exam or eye test. This is where your eye doctor measures the size and curvature of your eyes and then gives you an eye glass or contact lenses prescription. Your eyes are also tested to make sure they are perfectly healthy and that the contact lenses are fitted properly. Once you have your contact lenses Tamarind Optical will continue to follow up and monitor the comfort, fit and prescription of your contacts to make sure they are perfect for your busy lifestyle and continue to allow you to see perfectly.

Don't Order Inappropriate Contact Lenses Online!

Tamarind Optical Services in Cape Breton have recently noticed a surge in inappropriate contact lenses and fits from several online optical store purchases. Contacts must be ordered in person by a qualified optometrist because the contact lens edge is crucial for the continued health of your eyes. If the contact lens fits too tightly and makes contact with inappropriate parts of the eye regions, it may cause permanent damage to the cornea the pupil or other parts of your eyes. 

When you visit an eye doctor to obtain a contact lens fitting, the contact lens is chosen based on measurements of your eyes. So make sure to order your contact lenses from an optometrist and not from a cheap online eye glass store.

Schedule a Contact Lenses Appointment Today!

If you are feeling unusual eye strain, blurriness, spots, or having trouble see your computer, book, or blackboard in school, it is time to have a regular eye exam! They instead of getting eye glasses, order contact lenses instead.

Tamarind Optical Services i Sydney and Glace Bay, offer a wide range of eye-related services including Eye Exams,  Eye Screenings, Eye Treatment, Contact Lens Service, Prescription Glasses, and Prescription Sunglasses for men, women, and youth, not to mention seniors.

Simply call our office to schedule a consultation  or book your contact lenses appointment today, and we'll address your needs from there - Sydney 902-564-5332, Glace Bay 902-842-3333