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Eye Tests Sydney NS
Please call the Tamarind Optical office to schedule an eye test consultation to get new eye glasses, computer glasses, contact lenses, or or prescription sunglasses - 902-564-5332 in Sydney River and 902-842-3333 in Glace Bay

Welcome to Tamarind Optical Services in Sydney! Your vision and well-being is important to us. For eye test appointments, call 902-564-5332 in Sydney River and 902-842-3333 in Glace Bay!

Let us know if we can help you with an eye test or exam, ordering new glasses for school or work, or anything else in general concerning the health of your eyes.

Tamarind Optical is one of the most well known optometrists in Sydney and Glace Bay. We want to help you see better and mitigate any issues that may be present with your eyes.

Regular eye tests give you a chance to correct vision changes as you grow older and offer a number of eye care services. An eye test helps detect any eye problems if they exist at their earliest stage when they're easily treatable. This is so important for you and your family, especially if you need eye glasses for work or school.

The workplace and schools nowadays are full of computers, ipads, iphones, and Android devices that require us to wear glasses. Students and workers alike need to wear glasses when they work on a computer or smart phone. The amount of stress on our eyes has increased ten fold over a decade ago.

Starring at a computer screen to do your work for hours at a time is now called computer vision syndrome and requires the use of proper reading glasses. Regular eye glasses and computer glasses are two very different things. Most people wear eye glasses for distance, work watching TV or to drive. But nowadays we need glasses to see close up objects like books, computers, ipads, and smart phones that cause strain on your eyes for hours at a time.

Make sure you specify your needs to your optician. Are the glasses for distance or for computer work. One is for distance and one is for reading close up. Some symptoms associated with the so called "computer vision syndrome' are headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, double vision, and red or dry eyes.

Eye Care Services at Tamarind Optical

Your Cape Breton Eye care services center in Sydney and Glace Bay is here to help you find a great looking pair of glasses that are suited for your eye sight. Everyone's vision is different. Some have 20/20 vision, while others need vision correct just about every year. That is why Tamarind Optical is here, to help you and your family with the best eye care money can buy.

Below are a few different types of eye care services offered by Tamarind Optical in Sydney and Glace Bay:

  • Eye Exams
  • Eye Tests
  • Eye Screenings
  • Eye Treatment
  • Contact Lens
  • Prescription Glasses
  • Prescription Sunglasses

Schedule a consultation appointment to check your eyes on a regular basis. Book an appointment for eye tests, eye exams, eye screenings, eye treatments, eye glasses, contact lenses, or prescription sunglasses.

Eye Tests

Tamarind Optical Services will schedule a series of detailed eye tests to help gather as much pre -test information as possible about your eyes. The next step would be meeting with your optometrist to discuss the findings.

The health of your eyes is very important to our local optometrist - Island eye care services ( Tamarind Optical in Sydney and Glace Bay).

For instance, your retina pretest results will alert the eye doctor as to any serious conditions like glaucoma, heart disease, diabetes, or even cancer. You will want to know the results of the eye test before they figure out if you are near sighted or far sighted.

Schedule an Eye Test

Please call our office to schedule an eye test, and we'll address your needs from there - 902-564-5332 in Sydney River and 902-842-3333 in Glace Bay